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Premier Safety Consulting Services LLC, is a Service Disabled Veteran owned recognized leader in safety consulting, program management, site specific training, compliance audits, and is dedicated to providing your company cutting edge safety consultation and safety training utilizing highly skilled safety training specialists, state-of-the-art safety equipment, and general industry proven safety measures.

Premier Safety Consulting Services LLC provides site specific OSHA consultative services from training to writing technical documents. Premier Safety specializes in site/machine/space specific Lockout Tagout Procedures and Permit Required Confined Space Entry Procedures. As a safety specialist I also provide unmatched site/machine/space specific Lockout Tagout and Confined Space Entry safety training as well as on-site OSHA compliance audits. Premier Safety leads the industry in safety training through implementation of best practices and industry proven safety measures.

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Premier Safety's Lockout /Tagout procedures are published in ANSI Standard Z244.1-2008  - - "Control of Hazardous Energy," page 43, Annex C"

Lock, Tag, Verify & Try Programs

Complete Lock, Tag Verify & Try "Turn Key" Programs Provided

New Lockout Tagout (Lock, Tag, Try & Verify) Format!


   (8 1/2x11 Laminated) 2 Page PDF Procedure


New Lockout Tagout (Lock, Tag, Try & Verify) Procedures



Energy Source Identification Tags

   (30mil Laminated)

Energy Isolation Tag Example

Energy Isolation Tag Example

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