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Areas that are considered confined space entry because their configurations hinder the activities of any employees who must enter, work in, and exit them. Employees who work in confined space entry areas generally must squeeze in and out through narrow openings and perform their tasks while cramped or contorted. Employees who work in these tight environments face increased risk of exposure to serious hazards. The area itself poses entrapment hazards such as asphyxiating atmospheres or the moving parts of machinery. OSHA uses the term confined space entry to describe such areas.

Premier safety training courses provide increased awareness in the methods and means to provide self protection, confidence that OSHA guidelines are achieved. Our safety training courses also provide a solid understanding of the OSHA standard associated with the particular course. Our safety training courses transfer knowledge to each participant via PowerPoint presentations, hands-on practical exercises, and through a extensively prepared course reference book (updated regularly). Class can be conducted at our training facility or at yours. Premier strives to provide all services programs with the utmost concern for the clients’ mission and their employee’s welfare, while assisting in their goal of providing a safe and healthful working environment for their employees through proper safety training.

As a mock compliance audits and safety consultants for a diverse client base both nationally and internationally, we are responsible for researching, planning, developing and administering written safety programs, procedures and policies promulgated by Federal OSHA. We also provide on or off-site mock compliance audits and safety training to meet the site-specific needs for that diverse client base. We conduct mock compliance audits within the workplace to identify major and minor deficiencies to preclude injury or illness to the employee/or possible citation/fine assessment to the employer. We also evaluate the employers existing industrial safety programs for compliance with current federal and state standards as well as mock compliance audits.

Premier Safety’s general industry professionally developed programs take into consideration the specific needs of our clients. Our general industry site specific written programs for Lockout Tagout and Confined Space Entry meet and exceed state and federal OSHA requirements. We provide you a program with content both accurate and general industry site specific to your facility. By collaborating with your maintenance and production managers we provide a written program which is not biased towards maintenance or production. By creating a program such as this it provides the worker with a program that will lessen the risk involved in routine maintenance and minor general industry servicing (such as clearing jams on machines).

If you are in the construction industry, there are many benefits of choosing Premier Safety LLC. We can teach compliance and assistance in regulatory compliance with federal, state and corporate construction requirements. We have eighty years combined safety experience with professionals both nationally and internationally, which means we know the construction business. We can accomplish a complete draft turn key program (Lockout/Tagout or Confined Space Entry) within forty-five days. We offer proven data gathering methods which save time, allows EH&S staff to focus on other pending issues, and can be a force multiplier when attempting to meet abatement dates or construction audit deadlines.

OSHA has a four-pronged comprehensive approach to ergonomics designed to quickly and effectively address musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace. The four segments of the OSHA strategy for reducing injuries and illnesses from MSDs in the workplace. OSHA will develop industry or task specific guidelines for a number of industries based on current incidence rates and available information about effective and feasible solutions. They conduct inspections for ergonomic hazards and issue citations under the General Duty Clause and issue ergonomic hazard alert letters where appropriate. They also provide assistance to businesses, particularly small businesses, and help them proactively address ergonomic issues in the workplace. Premier safety can help with all your OSHA training needs.

Lockout tagout procedures are the use of a special system to prevent power from being accidentally turned on during equipment maintenance or repair. These lockout tagout procedures may be electrical or other power such as hydraulic power, compressed air or coiled springs. In lockout tagout procedures you will need to disconnect switches, circuit breakers or other energy-isolating mechanisms and put it in the safe 'off' position. A device is often placed over the energy-isolating mechanism to hold it in the safe off position, and attachments protect the equipment from being turned on. Each year, many workers are injured or killed by the uncontrolled release of hazardous energy. Many of these types of accidents could have been prevented by proper lockout tagout procedures.