Why Choose Premier

Benefits Of Choosing Premier Safety Consulting Services LLC

Premier Safety's site specific training and standardized safety programs will enhance your safety efforts!

  • Compliance: Assistance in regulatory compliance with Federal, State and Corporate requirements!
  • Experienced: Over Twenty Five years of safety experience with professionals both nationally and internationally!
  • Efficient: We can accomplish a complete Draft turn key program (Lockout/Tagout or Confined Space Entry) within Forty-Five days depending on machine compleity and total numbers or machines/equipment! 
  • Cost Effective: Proven data gathering methods which save time, allows EH&S staff to focus on other pending issues, and can be a force multiplier when attempting to meet abatement dates or audit deadlines!
  • Standardized Programs:  We specializes in standardizing OSHA required programs, i.e. Machine Specific Lockout Tagout Procedures and Confined Space Procedures.
  • Implementation: All Programs, Policies, Procedures and Training documentation are usable immediately, and are written in Microsoft Office 2003!  That means no costly software updates and there is no time involved learning a new program.

Questions you should ask your safety consultants

  1. What is your Company's Safety Background/Experience? 
  2. What is the Safety experience of each safety consultant/instructor? 
  3. What Safety credentials/certifications does each safety consultant/instructor possess or are they working under one individuals credentials (Owner of the company)?   
  4. What experience relative to the course topic does each safety consultant/instructor possess? 
  5. Where did each safety consultant/instructor receive their base course of instruction in safety?
  6. Where did each safety consultant/instructor receive their base course of instruction in the relative topics?
  7. If requested, will your company provide copies of safety consultant/instructor certifications?
  8. Have your safety consultants/instructors attended an instructional technology course?
  9. Where did each safety professional receive their base course or experience in the program or service you are providing our company ( i.e. Lockout ~ Tagout, Confined Space Entry)?
  10. Would you provide critiques of your latest course?
  11. Can your company provide client references?
  12. Does your company have professional liability insurance? And if so, how much?

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