OSHA has a four-pronged comprehensive approach to ergonomics designed to quickly and effectively address musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace. The four segments of the OSHA strategy for reducing injuries and illnesses from MSDs in the workplace. OSHA will develop industry or task specific guidelines for a number of industries based on current incidence rates and available information about effective and feasible solutions. They conduct inspections for ergonomic hazards and issue citations under the General Duty Clause and issue ergonomic hazard alert letters where appropriate. They also provide assistance to businesses, particularly small businesses, and help them proactively address ergonomic issues in the workplace. Premier safety can help with all your OSHA training needs.

Premier Safety is here to assist you with all of your OSHA compliance needs.  Premier Safety assess your current situation by way of a facility audit and then make recomendations to reduce your risk.  Premier Safety works on safety every day of the year for many different clients, and we have a vast amount of experience that will add value to your facility.