safety training

Premier safety training courses provide increased awareness in the methods and means to provide self protection, confidence that OSHA guidelines are achieved.  Our safety training courses also provide a solid understanding of the OSHA standard associated with the particular course. Our safety training courses transfer knowledge to each participant via PowerPoint presentations, hands-on practical exercises, and through a extensively prepared course reference book (updated regularly).  Class can be conducted at our training facility or at yours. Premier strives to provide all services programs with the utmost concern for the clients’ mission and their employee’s welfare, while assisting in their goal of providing a safe and healthful working environment for their employees through proper safety training

Premier Safety specializes in offering site specific training to our clients, we also offer the training on your terms.  Premier Safety can provide training at your convenience to your shift workers.  Training is important as it is a requirment of OSHA and it helps maintain a workforce that is involved in production and not workers compensation claims.  Benefits of using Premier Safety are that you can accomplish your training needs in a timely manner, and have the latest information on best pracitces, lessons learned, and how to establish a positive safety culture in your organization.